College Scholarship FAQs

Find the answers to your questions about the Texas Tennis and Education Foundation college scholarships. 

Who Is Eligible for TTEF Scholarships?

High school students who will be entering college, and college students who are in good standing at their respective college or university, who are U.S. citizens, and who live in the Texas Section.

How Do I Apply For These Scholarships?

To apply for one of these scholarships, an application form must be completed and submitted, along with additional biographical and academic information, to the Scholarship Committee, Texas Tennis and Education Foundation, 8105 Exchange Drive, Austin, TX 78754.

What Do I Need To Include With My Scholarship Application?

Scholarship recipients must fill out the attached application. Applications will not be accepted unless completed in full and submitted by the deadline. The form must be signed by the applicant and parent/guardian.

The Texas Tennis and Education Foundation and USTA Texas Section scholarships require the following information:

  • A completed signed application
  • Parent/Guardian's previous two years complete Federal Income Tax Returns

  • Academic Transcript

  • Copy of SAT or ACT test results
  • List of extracurricular activities, including tennis activities
  • Personal statement including education expectations and career goals
  • Two Letters of recommendation
  • Picture for publication purposes

How Are Recipients Selected?

All scholarship recipients will be chosen from the students who make application to the Texas Tennis and Education Foundation before the set deadline. Scholarship recipients will be selected according to merit on a competitive basis, and with regard to financial need. The Selection Committee will choose the recipients by evaluating each eligible student's academic record throughout high school and/or college, qualities of leadership and extracurricular accomplishments including tennis activities, the student's self-description, test scores, and financial need.

What Is The Amount Of The Scholarship?

The stipend of each scholarship is $750 to $1,000 per year.

What Are My Obligations And Responsibilities If I Am Selected?

Scholarship recipients are completely responsible for making admission arrangements and fulfilling all requirements of the school selected, which must be a college or university in the United States, which is fully accredited by its regional accrediting commission on higher education. The recipient must enter college as a full-time student in the fall term following selection, and must pursue a course of study leading to one of the traditional baccalaureate degrees. The scholarship recipients are expected to make normal academic progress from year to year and must remain in good academic and disciplinary standing. While honor grades are not required, scholarship recipients have a responsibility to do quality work in college. Also, the Awards Committee of the USTA Texas Section requires that scholarship recipients send a brief written report following the first semester of the scholarship year. This report should indicate the student's educational achievements during the semester, tennis activities, if any, and goals for the second semester.

Who Handles Scholarship Procedures?

Selection of recipients is administered by a selection committee comprised of Texas Tennis and Education Foundation Board Members and the USTA Texas Section Awards Committee, at 8105 Exchange Drive, Austin, TX 78754. The payments of stipends are handled by the Texas Tennis and Education Foundation, 8105 Exchange Drive, Austin, TX 78754.

Who Can Answer Scholarship Questions?

You may contact the Executive Director of the Texas Tennis and Education Foundation at 512-443-1334 ext 201 or for a quicker response e-mail at