Competitive Junior Player Travel Assistance Fund


In 2004, The Texas Tennis and Education Foundation joined forces with the USTA Texas Junior Tennis Council to establish the Competitive Junior Player Travel Assistance Fund to provide grants to help defray the cost of travel for competitive players of need to USTA National and/or ITF scheduled events. $20,000 was awarded to reimburse approved travel expenses in 2005 to over 25 players.


Any player, whether Quota (already receiving monetary help from USTA Texas) or not, may submit an application for this travel expense reimbursement grant associated with national events. 

The maximum amount to be awarded for each player during 2020 will be $1,000. Should a player have qualifying expenses of only $500 for the first half of the year, he or she will still be able to make another application and qualify for an additional amount not to exceed the maximum award amount specified above. 


Grant Requirements

The criteria to be used for consideration of those junior players who apply are as follows: 

  • Need Basis (is there a true financial need associated with traveling to these events) 

  • Playing Performance (ranking and/or record) 

  • Player must also be in current good standing with the USTA Texas Section 

Application Process

There are three periods associated with National Junior events; therefore, there are three application periods with appropriate deadlines associated with each. 

Travel Grant Applications


2021 Travel Grant Program Information

Grant Period 1 Application  (Closed)

Grant Period 2 Application (Closed)

Grant Period 3 Application

When complete, please send to:


Texas Tennis and Education Foundation

8105 Exchange Drive

Austin, Texas 78754


Grants Contact

For more information about the Texas Tennis and Education Foundation grants, please contact us using the form below. 

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